Urban Gardening: 5 outdoors accessories for $20 or less

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

You can have all the awesome plants you want, but no garden is complete without a few cute tools, feeders and other accoutrements. Here are some suggestions for less than $20.

Water Wizard

With watering, you can be damned if you do, damned if you don't. That was, until the invention of Wormie the Water Sensor ($5, Concrete Jungle). This small terracotta device shaped like everyone's favorite garden helper changes color to let you know when to give your plants a drink.


Hummingbirds beat their wings up to 90 times per second, so they don't have all day to sit around and peck at seeds. They sip, they go. Aid their endless nectar quest with Gift Craft's great collection of hummingbird feeders ($14-$20, Oakland Nursery). They're made from beautiful blown glass and ready to hang.

Marvelous Mist

A garden hose suits shrubs, trees and other bigger greenery. But what about orchids, young seedlings and more delicate florals? Treat them right with this dainty mister ($9, Concrete Jungle). Though fashioned from plastic, it's got the exquisite look of an heirloom perfume jar and comes in assorted colors.

Pretty Pest Hut

Having a garden is about enjoying it, too. And come summertime, flying garden pests will do their best to prevent this. Eliminate them effectively and without the use of chemicals with this glass wasp trap ($15, Outside Envy). Fill it with a pool of sugar water or juice and the wasps will climb in through a hole in the bottom and become mired in the sticky liquid.

Instant Birdfeeder

Add life to your garden right away with this foolproof bird feed. Peanut butter, corn and suet combine in Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter ($11, Wild Birds Unlimited), a bird-seed spread that can be applied directly to the side of a tree. It will attract chickadees, cardinals, wrens, mockingbirds and more.