The Guest House

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

When the family bought the property, this space--which sits about a football field away from the main cabin and was constructed in the 1940s--was rundown and filled with decades worth of trash. "It was really scary," Keegan said. But once they cleared it out, they salvaged the original hardwood floors, replaced window panes, added two lofts and painted everything. They spent time in the space before deciding how to use it, and eventually settled on creating the ultimate kids' hangout. To decorate in a campy theme, Keegan embarked on a long search for real wooden Army cots, which she finally found online--"And they're actually comfortable!"--and dressed them in Swiss bedrolls from a vintage military dealer. The other decorations are also practical: The fireplace is functional--and the structure's only heat source. The lockers are stuffed with extra sleeping bags. Glass jars hold goodies like nuts and pinecones that the children collect. And there are movie lights for skits the kids create, as well as a giant table for playing everything from card games to bingo.

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