The Main Cabin

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

The main cabin, built in the 1820s, includes a kitchen, family room, dining room, mud room and bathroom on the first floor, along with two bedrooms upstairs. Before Keegan got a hold of it, it offered all sorts of exciting details--like dowdy curtains, a room painted hot pink and woven-rag rugs inexplicably covered by layers of paper. Keegan originally envisioned chairs with white slipcovers downstairs, but after spending time in the home with trial furniture, she nixed that idea, opting instead for durable leather. She also decided to keep the original hardwood floors, but darkened them. And she updated a lot more than aesthetics: She added air conditioning and heat, installed electrical outlets to the family room and dining area, revamped the plumbing in the kitchen and built a bathroom upstairs.

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