Columbus After Dark: Buckeye Donuts

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Columbus Alive

3:20 a.m.: If there's a definitive late-night Columbus locale, it's Buckeye Donuts. Nestled at the center of Campus, it's an insomniac institution, overrun by stressed-out students and tweaked-out revelers fresh from the bar.

Doughnuts, coffee and gyros sell like crazy. Call it the edgy, urban version of Schneider's.

A regular since 2001, Steyven Curry now lives in the apartment upstairs and hobnobs with owner Tula Barouxis on Sunday evenings. At the moment, he's lounging on a bench outside, recalling his Thursday at Carabar (where he also hobnobbed with the owner) and showing off his black leather boots with a pink lining.

The next bench over, Tim Allen is rolling a cigarette and lamenting the way things change.

"I just moved back to Columbus a couple weeks ago," Allen says. "They got rid of 'Street Fighter.' That was my main motivation for coming here."

On the other side of the window, after serving a lady in a black dress and heels and a guy in a designer T-shirt, Eric Bretschneider sells me a devil's food doughnut. He tells me he's been working there for six years, most of them on this grueling but always interesting 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. shift.

A few students are perched at the bar, noses buried in textbooks, likely too overwhelmed with homework to be jealous of the drunks in their midst.

Buckeye Donuts

1998 N. High St., Campus