Columbus After Dark: Cornfed Red's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

4:15 a.m.: We plunge into the deadest, darkest segment of the night by heading east to Refugee Road, where we hope to hustle at 24-hour pool hall Cornfed Red's. We're disappointed to find it deserted other than poor Deandre Glover, who's working a miserable 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. stint.

It's not always this slow, he assures us: "You never know what might happen on any given night."

For now, though, it's just him and his Life Alert infomercial.

Jodi and I proceed to play the worst game of billiards ever. While I'd like to say we took 20 minutes to finish because we were tired, it's actually because we suck.

Cornfed Red's

5005 Chatterton Rd., East Side