Columbus After Dark: Hounddog's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

5:15 a.m.: A block down the road, we plan to wrap up our adventure at the ever-reliable Hounddog's. A handful of workers from Park Street Patio, Sugar and The Social are recovering from their night with pepperoni pizza and Mountain Dew.

"It's classic," John Payne says.

They skewer each other with some friendly jokes and share stories about their other late-night haunt, White Castle in the Short North. Arm wrestling and gay propositions are prominently featured.

Jodi and I were looking forward to pizza and beer, but despite staying open around the clock, Hounddog's can't serve alcohol until 4 p.m. thanks to the plasma donation center across the street. Not wanting to bide our time until sunrise, we make one more stop.


2657 N. High St., Campus