City: Sharrow road decals

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The city's ongoing share-the-road campaign took a big step forward May 17 with the unveiling of the first "sharrow" in the northbound curb lane of High Street near East 10th Avenue.

These heavy-duty traffic decals are meant to remind drivers of a biker's right to be on the street and to encourage both parties to use roadways safely.

You'll see 188 more pop up along a 6.8-mile corridor between Morse Road and Nationwide Boulevard, the city's most popular stretch for two-wheel travel. Installation is set to begin in mid-June.

"A lot of people want a utopian bike paradise, but it's very tough to retrofit our existing conditions sometimes," said Jeff Stephens, executive director of advocacy group Consider Biking. "These sharrows are a way to identify high bike-traffic corridors and really create awareness for both the cyclist and motorist."

In addition to sharrows, the partnership among the City of Columbus, Ohio Department of Transportation and Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission added 54 yellow share-the-road signs along High Street last year.

Similar notifications will be added to other corridors in the future, said Rick Tilton, the city's assistant director of public service.

"We have ideas, but they're not locked in as far as where they go next," Tilton said. "This is part of the mayor's vision to make Columbus a bike-friendly city."