Things We Love: Shelley Mann

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Columbus Alive

Let Us Eat Cupcakes

My very favorite mid-afternoon treat comes from this "Marie Antoinette"-themed booth at Pearl Market. You can buy adorable miniature cupcakes in flavors like Blood Orange Raspberry and Very Lemon, with a lemon-pie-filling center and blueberry on top.

Alba Deep Sea Facial Mask

My skin always starts to freak out a bit around the start of summer, but nothing calms it down better than a four-minute facial with this mask, which somehow smells exactly like the beach.

Katharine Hepburn

Sure, she's a great actress, but she's also a really neat lady who lived life the way she wanted. Pay your respects this week at the Gateway Film Center, where OSU's film discussion group will chat about "Pat and Mike" on Sunday and "The African Queen" Tuesday.

American Furnishings

Look past its generic name and Polaris location. This locally owned warehouse is amazing, a treasure trove of vintage-industrial furniture, most of it repurposed from found items plucked from foundries, factories and barns.

Buffalo Bill's Orange Blossom Cream Ale

I'm such a dark-beer girl, I don't start the transition into lighter territory until well into the warm-weather months. Bottles of this fruity brew are a summer standby, though - its citrusy goodness hits the spot on steamy evenings.