Fresh Face

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I have been using Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes at day's end to remove eye makeup. (Note: I don't wear any foundation, powder or blush, so I can't vouch for how it works on those.)

The wipes do a good job of quickly removing eye shadow, but just an OK job removing mascara. They don't leave the icky residue that many liquid eye makeup removers do, which is nice. Plus, they smell lovely. However, these don't do a great job of removing mascara. The process takes some soft, strategic wiping, and I lost a lash or two during various uses.

Bottom line: Although these require a bit of work for mascara removal, I think I still might prefer them over liquid makeup removers because they make my eyes feel less icky. I look at them as a precursor to my deep facial cleansing, and, in that context, they work well. A package of 30 disposable wipes sells for $7.99 at drugstores.

--Kristy Eckert