City: CD101's signal shift

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Your radio dial will never be the same.

Actually, it's set to get a lot better, thanks to a deal worked out last week between WOSU Public Media and WWCD, the station known as CD101.

WOSU will buy the rights to broadcast at 101.1 FM, and WWCD's alternative-rock format will move to 102.5 FM. The country station formerly at 102.5 FM disappeared when WWCD began simulcasting on the frequency July 1.

"It's just a change of dial position, and that's all we're doing," said Randy Malloy, vice president of CD101. "That sense of community and connection is still here and will remain here."

Malloy insisted that the DJs, programming and overall mission of CD101 will stay the same - you'll just have to change your radio preset to find them. Online listening will still be available at

So why the change?

WWCD gets $5.7 million over 20 years from WOSU and a more powerful broadcast signal through a partnership with the company that owns 102.5 FM. WOSU gets a home for 24-hour classical programming at 101.1 FM.

The deal must be approved by the Federal Communications Commission but is expected to take effect within 90 days.

"It was a win-win for both parties," Malloy added.