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When I interviewed David Axelrod, senior adviser to President Obama, on the show last week, I asked him how the oversight with the oil spill was allowed to happen.

He responded by saying, "We would have liked to move faster on the situation, but we were also dealing with economic crisis and the wars."

Apparently, "Fox & Friends" took some exception to his answer. Really, you guys watch our show?!

It's funny, because we watch your show too. Do you show it at your morning meetings and everyone stands around pointing and laughing? Do you turn to the other people in the room and say, "We can't make fun of these people every day!"

Anyway, "Fox & Friends" seems to think the Democrats - and apparently "The Daily Show" - blame George Bush for the current administration's problems. They're tired of it, and they're not the only ones.

"It's B.I.O.B. - that's blame it on Bush," Sen. John McCain said.

Ha, that's a good one. Well, H.R.W.T.P.T.R.T.C.I.T.G. - he really was a terrible president that ran the country into the ground.

My favorite don't-blame-Bush talking point is from Texas Rep. John Carter.

"This oil spill is now George W. Bush's fault? It reminds me of the Kevin Bacon game," Carter said, "where you gotta bring it back in seven cycles to Kevin Bacon."

I don't need seven "cycles" to trace the spill to Bush. I don't even need six degrees - the actual way you play the Kevin Bacon game - because the oil spill is the result of the Mineral Management Services decision during the Bush administration to stop regulating natural resources and start regulating how much coke they were sniffing off oil executives' asses.

Maybe we're so quick to blame Bush because a lot of bad stuff happened during his presidency. We were barely two months into his presidency when the economy started to tank. Republicans were quick to blame this on "the Clinton economy."

Yeah, the first thing I think of when I think of the Clinton years is bad economy. The second thing I think of is a lack of oral sex scandals.

Since 9/11 happened nine months into his presidency, Bush can blame Clinton for that too. But he has to own the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 as his own policy, right?

Not according to Rudy Giuliani. "It was the policy of the Clinton administration to have regime change in Iraq."

Yes, the George W. Bush administration wanted no part of Iraq. They had no beef with Saddam Hussein, but what could they do? Clinton made them pinky-swear.

This brings us back to the very show, "Fox & Friends," that said it was inappropriate for Axelrod and the Obama administration to mention previous administrations when talking about the wars, the economy or the regulatory environment that helped lead to the oil spill.

Yet only a month ago they blamed Clinton's administration for the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Do you guys realize this s--- is being broadcast and recorded?!

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