Things Rebecca Zimmer loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Rebecca Zimmer has been supervising the production of Alive through four office moves, three owners, two dogs and one husband.

Compostable dog poop bags

No sense enclosing something totally biodegradable inside something that isn't.


I'm a sucker for fried starches covered in spicy dust. These luridly red Fuego Takis (hot chili pepper & lime flavored) will set your mouth aflame, just like the package threatens.


This year's "vintage" lineup should prove that you can still rock after, uh, 29. Well, at least once a year. (And vintage types can still serve beer while rocking out in a parking lot too - see you there!)

"Food Party"

Both the blog ( and the artfully weird IFC TV show. Could these people be having any more fun?

"Dead End Gene Pool: A Memoir"

A fascinating Vanderbilt memoir, and the rare book that's recommendable to ex-junkies, current alcoholics and straight-edges alike.