Things John Ross Loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

John Ross has been writing about arts, culture and the great outdoors for Alive since March 2006. Before he dies, he'd like to sail around the world, surf Hawaii's North Shore and own land with fruit trees.

Silly Bandz

They're kind of like rubber bands, except they turn into awesome things when un-stretched. Currently, I have a woman, cowboy boot, alligator, dinosaur and tank. If you hate on Silly Bandz, you hate on fun.

ProSet Super Stars MusiCards

Remember the best in hair metal, classic rock and new jack swing with these hilarious, informative and out-of-print trading cards. Every new employee at Alive gets a pack until my case runs out. Then they're getting Silly Bandz.

Level III Assault Backpack

This comfy, versatile pack has tons of storage spots and five compression straps to keep things in place. It's great for walking to work - or through the outback. Grab one for $40 at, a great army-surplus retailer.

Community gardens

What's not to love about neighbors coming together and learning to grow their own food? This is a picture of Hope Grows, the garden I run in South Linden.


I'm outside a lot, so I always have sunglasses. Aviators are clean, classic and often perfected with a sweet mirror finish - the greatest design in the history of shades.