Gadgets: Keychain gadgets

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So why not add some useful high-tech gadgets to your keychain?

In today's era of miniaturization, there's no reason why your keychain can't make life a little easier.

Ecco2 GPS Locator

($70 at Best Buy,

It's bad enough when you have to go searching for your keys. It's infinitely worse when you park the car in some huge lot and forget where you left it.

As long as you log that location into your Ecco2 GPS locator (and don't stray more than 10,000 miles away), the gadget's two-inch, backlit screen will direct you to the spot you seek.

This little thing lets you store up to three locations at a time, so after you find your car, you can make your way back to your hotel, campsite or home sweet home.

Scosche FlipSYNC Keychain Charge & Sync

($20 at Best Buy,

Never be without a charging/sync cord again. Scosche offers an ingenious two-inch-long keychain with a pair of plugs that connect to your iPhone/iPod/iPad as well as any USB 2.0 port so you can recharge your battery or sync your data.

Scosche makes two models - one with a 30-pin connector used by Apple's gadgets, and another to fit the mini and micro USB connections you'd find on your digital camera, MP3 player, gaming device or non-Apple cell phone.

Earphone Speaker Keychain

($9 from

Sometimes you want to share a tune from your cell phone or MP3 player but the speakers just aren't loud enough. ThinkGeek offers a 1.25-inch, pocket-sized speaker that does the trick.

The device, which is shaped like an oversized earbud, fits any 1/8th-inch headphone jack.

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