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A new law in Arizona requires law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally. But they cannot use anyone's ethnicity or appearance alone as grounds for suspecting them.

This law has faced steep opposition, and Arizona is home to outspoken immigration moderate Sen. John McCain. In 2006, he supported a guest worker program and some way of earned citizenship for those that are already here.

Well that was pre-insane McCain, before he was locked in a Senate primary battle with ultra-conservative firebrand J.D. Hayworth. What does he think now?

"We have to address the issue with people who are here illegally. No amnesty. Many of them need to be sent back," McCain said on July 6.

I'm not surprised McCain changed his position, given his new campaign slogan: "Just tell me what to say and I'll say it!"

While McCain has embraced this new law, resistance is coming from the federal government. The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit challenging the law.

The Obama administration says immigration falls under federal authority, not state authority. They're going reverse-Tenth-Amendment on Arizona's ass.

I suspected Fox News would have to break out in-house constitutional scholar Judge Andrew Napolitano to smack down Obama.

Instead, Fox News went with Lou Dobbs. Bold move, Fox - bringing on Lou "I can't stand illegal immigrants and have spent the last 15 years of my life haranguing them" Dobbs to find out what he thinks.

Racial tensions have nothing to do with it; it's a constitutional question. Why didn't you go with Napolitano? Because Napolitano's beliefs went off narrative - agenda breach!

"The Arizona statute is unconstitutional because it wades into an area reserved by the Constitution exclusively for the federal government," Napolitano said. "It will encourage the police to stop people on the basis of the way they appear, and the Supreme Court does not allow that."

Racial profiling is a concern, which is why Arizona has produced a 90-minute training video for law enforcement officials. And on one point in particular they couldn't be clearer.

"No officer should ever say, 'Show me your papers.' That's just rude," said Lyle Mann, the video's executive director of peace officer training.

What?! Is he the Emily Post of the open range?

Racial profiling is rude. Tasering Mexican s? Why, it's just not done! And remembe r , officers, always serve subpoenas from the left and take documentation from the right.

This law is not without its nuances. As the video states, an officer can't arrest an alien who is authorized to be in the U.S. simply because they don't have their documents in their possession. Yet all aliens are required to carry their paperwork with them at all times and are subject to detention without them.

So they can't arrest you for not carrying your papers, but if you don't have your papers you can be detained. I guess that's what known in Arizona as a "Catch Veintidos."

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