Things Kate Bidinger Loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Kate Bidinger is one of Alive's advertising account executives. She spends her time painting, sewing, entertaining and going out with friends - when she isn't busy eating ice cream.

1. Ice cream

I. Love. Ice. Cream. My family has owned an ice cream shop for 30 years, so I've long enjoyed the perks of attending ice cream trade shows, creating new flavors and treating the shop like my own personal ice cream buffet. Believe it or not, my absolute favorite is plain vanilla soft-serve.

2. Sweet tea vodka

I can't think of anything more refreshing on these hot summer nights. Mix the vodka with fresh-squeezed lemonade, pour over ice, garnish with an umbrella and enjoy carefully - you'll barely notice there's alcohol in your glass.

3. Italian Village

Friendly neighbors, secret cut-throughs, several community gardens and my favorite festival.

4. ReadyMade magazine

This magazine is a great resource for DIY home projects. In it, you can learn how to do everything from building a new headboard to planting an herb garden to sewing a shirt.

5. Bernina sewing machine

Remember sewing pillows and aprons in seventh-grade home ec? My first sewing memory was long before that. This machine reminds me of Saturday mornings spent making Barbie outfits with my mom. Since then, I've made dresses, curtains and even a Snuggie.