Crayola Ecomarkers

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Have you got one of those kids who has to line up the peas on the plate just so? Has to have the knee socks pulled up to precisely the same spot on each leg? Well, brace yourself. Crayola just handed those kids (and you) a new challenge -- a redesigned barrel on their Classic Markers.

In theory and reality, it's not a bad challenge, mind you. The barrels are now black (that's right -- black, instead of classic white). That's because making the barrels black enables Crayola to use more recycled plastic in the manufacturing process, thus "keeping hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year!" And that's exactly the pitch you're going to use when you hand little Fauntleroy a black-barreled orange marker and he looks at you like you just sprouted two more heads.

There is nothing different about the markers themselves (we tried them). Same colors, same nontoxic-ness, same capability to permanently deface a bedroom wall. Just a different barrel color.

So remember -- keeping hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year. And don't forget the exclamation point.

In the meantime, to help ease Fauntleroy's pain, maybe you can win a new box of Crayola Classic Markers for him. Just click here to enter your information for the giveaway!