Teddy Bear Safari

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The "awwww" factor on this event is just off the charts. Your kid brings their love-worn teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 14). The kid gets free admission (you still have to pay, or use your zoo membership card to get in) and then you take Teddy (or BunBun or Mr. Glorp or whatever their little buddy is called) to the Nationwide Children's Hospital clinic for check-ups and band-aids (cue the awwwws).

It's the annual Teddy Bear Safari -- a joint production of Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. All day long, you'll also get to see the zoo animals indulge in "Block and Roll" -- one of those stimulation activities they do with the animals wherein their favorite treats are frozen inside ice blocks (hmmm, now there's an idea to take home for fun with the kids….)

Go to www.columbuszoo.org for more information, or just head on over to the Zoo between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for the Safari events (the rest of the zoo stays open until 7 p.m.)