Dime-a-Dog Night

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Got a kid in the midst of a fearsome growth spurt? Well, this is your lucky night! Tonight you can feed that bottomless pit of a child at the last Dime-a-Dog night for the Columbus Clippers' 2010 season!!

Break open the piggy banks or go get a roll of dimes from the bank. But however you gather those ten-cent pieces, get them and the kid who just outgrew the clothes you bought him last Thursday over to Huntington Park for the 7:05 p.m. game tonight between the Columbus Clippers and the Toledo Mud Hens. (Seats will cost you anywhere from $3 to $15 day of the game — but the hot dogs are only a dime each!)

For more information, go to www.clippersbaseball.com or call 614-462-2757.