Meet Lesley!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Online name: Lesley (not very original, I know)

Offline name: Lesley Kay

My favorite Columbus Momstyle forums: The Parenting section and the Discussions. I like to see what people are talking about and offer any help or opinions if possible. I'm always looking for activities for my family and friends to participate in, especially activities in the Autism section.

I use the internet most for: Communication. I like to give friends and family updates on what is going on in my family's life.

I got my first e-mail account: When I was in college. My husband had to sign me up for it because I was clueless as to how it worked. I think I just really aged myself, didn't I?

Other websites I love: - I love to look at all the items people are making and selling out of their homes. I also love to catch up with friends and family on Facebook.

The strangest thing I ever Googled: Myself. I'm pretty sure everyone has done this at least once. I have to admit, though, it wasn't that exciting.

My favorite thing about living in Central Ohio: All the activities that are available. My son has autism and I am always looking for ways to get him out into the community. There are tons of parks, groups, festivals, the zoo and COSI. I also love the fact that the local theaters have sensory movies for kids with autism. It gives us a chance to go out and enjoy some family time.