Adoption Series Starts on PBS

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Here's a cool new documentary series that starts airing on WOSU-TV this Sunday, Sept. 5: It's called "POV Adoption Stories," and it promises to be a fascinating look into the growing phenomenon of transnational and transracial adoptions. The three-part series will look at how these adoptees forge new lives and new identities while holding onto their national and racial identities, plus look at the challenges their new parents face.

The first one, "Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy" airs this Sunday at 11 p.m. (set your telecommunication-recording devices appropriately). This one follows the story of Fang Sui Yong, an 8-year-old orphan, and the Sadowskys, the Long Island Jewish family that travels to China to adopt her. As the folks at PBS describe it: Sui Yong (now Faith) is one of 70,000 Chinese children now being raised in the United States. Through her eyes, we witness her struggle with a new identity as she transforms from a timid child into someone that no one -- neither her new family nor she -- could have imagined.

Additional segments follow on Sept. 12 and 19. For more information, go to