More Zoo Docent Tips

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Here are some more awesome Zoo-going tips from the docents at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium:

  • When trying to take pictures through the mesh, or glass, set your camera on the "landscape" setting. This will allow it to focus on what is behind the mesh and glass.
  • Walk quietly through the Migratory Songbird Aviary in the North America region of the Zoo. Feathered friends can be observed in the trees, pond, and scurrying around in their home. Many of the birds have been rehabilitated after being injured in the wild
  • A cooler, overcast or rainy day is always a good time to see kangaroos more active. They are "crepuscular" animals, like our native deer here in Ohio. That means they are more active at dawn and dusk, so a gray day gets them up and moving.

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