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Columbus Parent

Have you heard about our sister publication/website Easy Columbus? If you have, you know it’s aimed at college students in the area, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have monstrous amounts of relevance for pre-college students (and the parents who drive them everywhere).

For example, their 2010-2011 Everything Off Campus Guide just came out last week. Cover story: “100 Things to Do Before You Graduate.” We’d like to re-brand that as “100 Things to Do Before You Matriculate.” It’s got (duh) 100 really interesting, intriguing activities, most of which are low-cost fun that you don’t have to be of legal drinking age to access. Floating down the Big Darby Creek, making candles at the Candle Lab in Grandview, scarfing down frozen custard at Whit’s in Granville, sledding at Highbanks Metro Park. Sounds like kid fun to us!

If you haven’t already scored a hard copy of this school year’s guide, fear not: It’s all available online at easycolumbus.com!