Necessity box

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Once while I was helping my friend, an organized mother of four, load her stroller into the back of her van, I noticed a plastic box with a snap-on lid.

"Is that what I think it is?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, opening the lid to reveal a box full of goodies guaranteed to make any mom envious. She had an extra pair of clothes — including socks, jackets or sweatshirts for each of her kids. The box also contained band-aids and sunscreen.

When our kids are small, we carry extra everything in the diaper bag. But after potty training, there's not a good place to stow all the necessities.

A necessity box in your trunk is great option — especially with Central Ohio's unpredictable weather.

I've started my own necessity box, and added bug repellant in a sealed plastic bag and a few shelf stable snacks.

Tailor your box to your family. I bet you'll be surprised how many times it saves you.

-- Melissa Kossler Dutton, contributing writer for Columbus Parent