Pets: Dave and Woofie

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

How's life with Woofie?

Woofie's a head-turner. When we walk in the Short North, all the people in the restaurants turn their heads. My roommate has a joke that you could walk down the street naked with Woofie, and people would still say, "Look at the dog."

What are her origins?

I got her from my dad in Florida. Her mom was the biggest, fattest white husky I've ever seen in my life, and the dad was this weird feral wolf thing. She's more a swamp dog than an arctic dog. If there's a dirty, nasty, stinky swamp, she's going to get in it.

Is she outdoors a lot?

We like to go hiking in parks and stuff. My girlfriend and I just took her to the Adirondacks, and we went camping all week. And hiking and canoeing. She has a video on her Facebook page of her fly hunting - flies buzz around, and she'll try to catch them with her mouth and eat them.

She has a Facebook page?

They didn't ask if she was a real person, so she just has one. She has all human friends. It's at

Which does she like more: people or dogs?

She loves all people. She doesn't like meeting new dogs, but she is in love with an Italian mastiff that comes to this playground.

Does she have any bad habits?

If we don't put chicken bones tied up in a bag in the trash, we'll come home and find the trash has been toppled over and all the chicken bones have been eaten. It's the only thing she'll get in the trash for.

Owner: Dave Bowling

Age: 36

Pet: Woofie

Age: 11

Breed: Husky-wolf mix