Things Michaela Schuett loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Michaela is Alive's graphic designer. She is looking forward to trick-or-treating again this year for the first time in 15 years.

Lola's Bread Pudding

I love Gahanna's Lola & Giuseppe's Trattoria in general, but if you need a specific reason to meet Lola - and trust me, you'll meet her - go for her very special bread pudding.

Milk Bar

I only have rare opportunities to shop Columbus' fabulous clothing boutiques, but when I do I always find something I love (and can afford) at Milk Bar.

Diva Tweeze

No one loves to tweeze, but at least this little lady ($4 at drugstores) makes me smile while doing it.

Infusing Mineral Masque

Sometimes after a really long day - or night - even my face needs to de-stress. It's amazing what a little bit of clay and 10 minutes can accomplish.

"The Total Money Makeover " by Dave Ramsey

Even though I don't always agree with the man's politics, his personal finance advice is spot-on. This book is the kick in the butt we all need to get our crap (student loans, car payment, credit cards, mortgage ) paid off and have money in the bank.