Things Chris DeVille Loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Chris has been writing about music, soccer and more for Alive since 2006. He is still on the fence about the ending of "Lost."

Deerhunter, "Halcyon Digest"

No album this year has enraptured me quite like the latest shoegaze psych opus from Bradford Cox and company. This music breathes in a cloud of effervescent fuzz and sighs deeply.

Jon Hamm

The "Mad Men" cast is full of gems, but the show's leading man shines brightest, particularly when Don Draper is on the ropes as he was for most of Season 4. Plus, as his SNL hosting gigs proved, he's just as adept as a funnyman.

Eddie Gaven

Gaven is not quite 24 years old, but he is in his eighth MLS season after beginning as a teen phenom in 2003. I've always admired his tenacity, versatility and humility.

The Juicy Lucy

One reason I'm smitten with the new 4th St. Bar and Grill is this cheese-infused beef patty they adopted from the Twin Cities. You won't find a better burger near Campus.

" The Hunger Games "

Yes, it's a young adult novel. No, I can't wait to read the next two.