Alive's Cocktail Contest: The A-List

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The winner!

When it comes to cocktails, our contest winner Cris Dehlavi takes things very seriously. She brainstormed ideas for her Alive cocktail for weeks, painstakingly carved our "a!" logo from a sheet of plastic and practiced making the drink over and over until she was happy with the results.

Most of the fresh, local ingredients in her drink - the cider, the honey and the eggs - came from the Greener Grocer store at the North Market. Dehlavi said she wasn't initially planning on doing a seasonal drink (she wanted to go for something that'd be appropriate year-round), but as she quickly realized, "You almost have to do seasonal if you're doing to do local."

As for that amazing orange "a!," it's made from Angostura bitters sprayed on with an atomizer. So it not only looks neat, but the bitters add some welcome spiciness. Cris, we're looking forward to sipping your cocktail year-round.

The A-List

1 oz Oyo vodka

1 oz Cointreau Noir

1 oz fresh Hirsch's local apple cider

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1/4 oz HoneyRun local honey

1 2Silos egg white

Build all ingredients in shaker, shake hard with ice. Strain into chilled martini glass. Using "a!" logo stencil over glass, spray Angostura bitters onto egg foam. Imbibe!


2 Miranova Pl, Downtown