Gadgets: Think Geek

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Several websites out there are like kryptonite to gadget aficionados' bank accounts.

One of my biggest weaknesses is Think Geek ( The site sells a slew of fun things that appeal to geeks and nongeeks alike.

If you've ever played air guitar, you might want to perfect your art with the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt ($30).

This T-shirt has a working electric guitar built into the front. We're talking an actual musical instrument on which you can play all of the major chords. An included pick allows you to strum your chest and produce sounds recorded on an actual guitar.

The shirt comes with a mini amp that you can clip on your belt, and the amp has a tone knob and adjustable volume so you can adjust your sound just like on a real guitar. The shirt, available in kid and adult sizes, runs on four AAA batteries.

If you want to start a T-shirt rock band, Think Geek also offers an Electronic Drum Kit Shirt (also $30), which lets you play seven different sounds.

If "Star Trek" appeals to your tastes, you'll find the geekiest pizza cutter on the market in the Think Geek catalog. The Star Trek Enterpris e Pizza Cutter ($25) is shaped just like Captain Kirk's NCC-1701 Enterprise space ship so, as the site says, you can "boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before!"

Or if you're looking for something edible, Think Geek offers Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows ($20). Remember Stay Puft marshmallows from "Ghostbusters"?

Boasting 24 caffeine-laden, edible marshmallows packaged in a reusable rubbery box, this is a fun way to celebrate the '80s when you need a midday charge.

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