Six ways for the Blue Jackets to improve attendance

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Columbus Alive

The season has just started, but already the Blue Jackets are seeing the fallout from last year's massively disappointing season.

After a typical 18,305-strong sellout of the team's home-opener, attendance for the second home game dipped to a franchise-low 9,802. A couple of shockingly lackluster performances on home ice haven't helped bring fans back, either.

We still love the Jackets at Alive, so we've got some helpful suggestions to fill those seats back up.

1. The Chili Cannon

It's a simple combination of two of Nationwide Arena's best traditions - the goal cannon and the Chili Chant. Every third goal, the cannon fires delicious Wendy's chili all over an appreciative crowd. It's like being in the front row at a Gallagher performance.

2. Sign Jody Shelley and Adam Foote

Why bring back the franchise's most-loved former player and the most-reviled? Simple. Put them on the same line. Every time they're on the ice, Shelley drops the gloves and beats the crap out of Foote, to the delight of the crowd. It would never get old.

3. Hockey hooligans

The rowdy joy that emanates from the Nordecke has made a world of difference at Crew games. Jackets fans could learn from this. Sure, profanity-laden crowd chants would make the place less family-friendly, but it would do wonders for beer sales. Also, vuvuzelas.

4. Snakes in the T-shirt cannon!

The T-shirt cannon is great, but only for those who have a shot at snagging one. To make it fun for the whole family, alternate shirts with canisters containing deadly snakes. It's like T-shirt roulette!

5. New house band? Slayer

The atmosphere on the ice has lacked intensity from game to game. How to remedy that? The most intense metal band on the planet! Also, they can make it rain blood after home wins.

6. Win

This one is simple. Jackets fans are a forgiving bunch. Yes, we'd like to see you return to the playoffs, but we'd mostly like to just see you play your guts out every time you're on home ice. The effort Monday night against the Philadelphia Flyers was a great start. Keep it up. We'll be back.

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7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 2

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