Day of Play

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Here’s a cool idea for fine-tuning your toy-shopping list: At Larson’s Toys and Games tomorrow, kids and parents can play with all kinds of Playmobil sets from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Because sometimes you just don’t know what kids are interested in or developmentally ready for unless they actually test-drive a toy.

Playmobil has selected a few retailers around the country for this “National Day of Play,” and Larson’s is the one here in Central Ohio. Play is free and unrestricted (and we know from years past of going in there just to play with the Thomas train sets, the staff does not hover and hassle you into buying something).

Larson’s Toys and Games is located at 1617 W. Lane Ave. in Upper Arlington (just down the street from a Graeter’s Ice Cream. Just in case you need to reward yourself afterward.)