Molly Pesich

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

When Molly Pesich learned six years ago that the Brown Bag Deli in German Village was for sale, she felt she had to buy it. A long-time restaurant worker, she had been looking to refocus her career. "I couldn't pass it up," said the mother of two who also lives in German Village. "Life just moves you to find the right thing."

Has the deli changed much since you bought it?

It's changed quite a bit. It's an ongoing evolution. We've shifted the focus. The previous owner did a lot of wine and not as much food.

Tell us a little bit about your food.

Everything is homemade. That is my big thing - cooking from scratch. People love our soup. When the weather turns cold, I can't make enough. We also do a variety of salads and sandwiches.

Who are your customers?

We're pretty diverse. Obviously, we're a neighborhood place. But we have people coming in from all over.

Do you use local ingredients in your food?

We've started to look at that. We don't exclusively buy local, but we try to whenever we can. My uncle owns a farm. We get all our corn from him. In the summer we make an amazing corn salad that people love.

You have two boys, Sam, 3, and Brady, 2. Do they ever inspire new menu creations?

Unfortunately, no. They're not very exciting eaters. I'm hoping that will change. They like the cookies.

Brown Bag Deli

898 Mohawk St., German Village


Hours: 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday-Saturday 12 noon-6 p.m. Sunday