Things Jodi Miller Loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Jodi is one of Alive's staff photographers. She's a little bit obsessed with food.

1. Happy hour!

I love them all! A few faves of late are Marcella's, Martini and Eleven. Great food and drinks at great prices - a good way to try a new place without spending a ton of dough.

2. The Crunchy Cucumber at Whole World

They have a lot of great food at Whole World, especially the soups, but the Crunchy Cucumber has always been my favorite. I don't even care that it scratches the roof of my mouth.

3. Ruth Bourdain on Twitter

Combining the personalities of Ruth Reichl, former editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine, and Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and host of "No Reservations," creates hilarious food-related snark.

4. Record player

I bought this all-in-one record player from Spoonful Records during Alive's recent coverage of local record stores. Now I'm hooked.

5. Saveur magazine

I shoot a lot of food for Alive. I buy Saveur every month for inspiration - best food porn in print.