Q&A: Evolved body artist Lindsay Hearts

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On Nov. 1, body-art studio Evolved opened an all-female branch on South Campus and gave the reins to Lindsay Hearts, one of the collective's most colorful characters. She shared more about rediscovering herself in the things she loves.

I kind of always knew I wanted to be in the body- modification industry. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to make people really excited about the way they look. I was fascinated by people that looked different. When I was a junior in high school, I started traveling around the state by myself looking for an apprenticeship.

I ended up in Orlando, Florida, with complete strangers. I graduated high school early. I said, "Mom, I love you. I'm going to go move to Florida to be a body piercer." I stayed in Florida for a year, then I moved back to New York. The guy that actually inspired me to become a body piercer asked me to come work with him.

After working in his shop, I could finally afford to go to the Association of Professional Piercers conference in Las Vegas. The first year I went, I met the Evolved family. I started at Evolved in January 2006. It gave me such an amazing opportunity to grow as a piercer and as a person.

Three things I can't live without are my dog Cash$$, high heels and my mom.

I was actually travel ing for the last couple of months. I was burnt out. I was really doubting a lot of things. I needed something new. All of us just started throwing around the idea of a female shop. Nick [Wolak] was like, "Listen, Lindsay, here it is. Let's do this. This is exactly what you need." It was kind of born from there.

Body piercers are very unique beings. We all have different quirks. There are four of us in the Evolved family right now, and you're going to get a different experience from all of us. The actual performing of it will be totally different.

My first piercing was probably an ear piercing. When I was 16, my mom went with me to get my belly button done, and she got hers done, too. My mom still has it. I always blame her, like, "You planted this seed."

The best advice I 've ever received is to always be as much of a star as you can be.

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Name: Lindsay Hearts

Age: 25

Neighborhood: Short North

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Web: lindsayhearts.com

Last words

Last thing you bought: True Religion leather pants from a Cyber Monday deal

Last great meal you ate: Basil in the Short North

Last song you listened to: "Creature" by Phantods

Last place you traveled: St. Louis

Last movie you watched: "The Virgin Suicides"

Grand opening:

Evolved/Rendezvous Salon

8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16

1644 N. High St., Campus