Things John Ross loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

John covers news, nightlife and the great outdoors for Alive. He was recently honored with a Cardinal Award for Conservation from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

"Underground" by Thelonious Monk

I move a lot, so I've sworn to keep my vinyl collection at my parents' house until I get married. (Ever carried 15 boxes of records up stairs?) I keep only 10 titles on hand, including this bit of off-kilter genius from one of the jazz world's most enigmatic characters.

R2 - Beer2

Everyone's got a 30-quart Coleman. To really make a splash at parties, I bring along R2-Beer2, a life-sized replica of the droid that can easily hold 12 beers on ice. He's by far the most popular roommate in my house.

Gummy candy

Never really liked chocolate much. However, I'll devour any candy with bright colors and chewy constitution. My favorite gummy animals, in order: worms, bears, sharks, fish.

Reviewing beer

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." And he had to pay for his drinks. My latest beat has introduced me to a new world of wonderful suds without breaking the bank.

Peyton Hillis

Just as Browns fans were losing all hope again for the 46th year in a row, an unknown running back emerged from the shadows. Hillis is tough as nails - wait, tough as nails on fire! - and has made the season worth watching.