Gadget: World's Most Expensive Phone

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English luxury gadget designer Stuart Hughes crafts what he describes as "the world's most luxurious communication and bespoke elements." To create the world's most expensive phone, the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, he crafted the bezel and back of an iPhone 4 in rose gold.

Some 500 diamonds (more than 100 carats) encrust the edges of the phone. Another 53 diamonds are embedded on the phone's back panel. The "home" button is made of platinum, which surrounds a 7.4-carat pink diamond. There are only two Diamond Roses in existence.

Hughes' Supreme Fire iPad is adorned in 2.5 kilograms of 24-carat gold. The tablet is a 64GB iPad with WiFi and 3G connectivity. Only 25 of these gold iPads have been made.

TK-421 iP hone Case w ith Flipout Keyboard

Sick of making embarrassing mistakes in text messages and e-mails from your iPhone? The TK-421 iPhone Case w ith Flipout Keyboard ($50 at can help solve that problem for owners of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS.

When attached to your phone, the whole package is about a half-inch thick. It's a utilitarian cell-phone case complete with mini-keyboard (sporting 49 press-able buttons) that should make typing easier for your thumbs. It works via Bluetooth and can be recharged by its USB cable.


If you want a desk toy that won't break the bank but might break up the monotony of another day at work, grab a Skitterbot ($20 at or two. These little guys are spider-like robots that will "skitter" around according to commands from a handheld remote. Just be careful - they move quickly!

This gadget - which charges via USB - scurries forward or backward, and turns right or left. It also has semi-creepy eyes that light up as it moves.

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