Things Brad Keefe Loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When not maintaining Alive's website or reviewing movies, Brad can be found at Blue Jackets home games and various concerts around town, usually tweeting about them (@BradAlive).

My iPhone

Yes, I'm that douchebag who's always messing with his iPhone. If you don't know why, it's because you don't have one.

The Spruce Campbells

My favorite local music discovery of the past year. Jason Matthew Kusowski doesn't hide his Dandy Warhols influence. That's fine with me.

Quentin Tarantino flicks

I saw "Pulp Fiction" the day it came out at the Drexel - on my birthday. Since then, every new QT release is like a holiday for me.

Bulleit Bourbon

Tastes better than bourbons that cost twice as much. And Surly Girl has kicked it up a notch with a cherry and cinnamon infusion, perfect for winter sipping.

Blue Jackets third sweater

I don't believe in curses, so no matter what the team's record is while wearing them, I think the old-school simplicity of the new design is their best yet. Boomer, on the other hand ...