2010 in Review: Year in photos

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When he first pitched a story about staying out all night, I wanted to strangle Chris DeVille. First, I had to stay up all night, and second, it's dark! But Chris did a great job of picking interesting places to visit, like Cornfed Red's pool hall. It was 4:15 a.m., and we were both exhausted. This moody picture of Chris was the best part of our visit. We both stink at pool.

Black Creek Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants, and owner Kent Peters was gracious enough to let us set up a photo shoot at his Canal Winchester farm for our local foods cover story. These pears, picked from a tree on the farm, made for a pretty picture.

I first shot the Phantods in June for our ComFest cover. The band was really into it, especially frontwoman Gretchen King, a photographer herself. So I was super excited to photograph her again in November when Phantods released their newest album. She's great in front of the camera, and I love her bangs.

It's no secret that Nick Tolford and Company is one of my favorite Columbus bands. I first heard them live at Alive's Bands to Watch show in February and have been obsessed ever since. So when I finally got an assignment to shoot them, I was thrilled and maybe even a bit star-struck. We shot a few photos inside and then made our way onto the roof, finally deciding on a collective scream.

Matt Barnes is an interesting local artist. We usually try to take pictures of people doing whatever it is they do. When he said the city was his office, we headed to the top of a parking garage. It was noon and super sunny - always a challenging time of day to shoot. I put the sun behind him and tried to pump as much light onto Matt as my Canon 580EX flash would give me. Matt just did his thing, which made the picture for me.