2010 in Review: Year in photos

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A food fight at Roy G Biv Gallery - even I can't screw that up. This brawl actually served as the opening reception for artist Cassandra Troyan's exhibit "Your Life Is Not My Playground." And yes, they got me too.

Dragonfly Neo-V's Chef Magdiale Wolmark makes gorgeous, interesting food - just look at this Mushroom Calamari. I love the way the green sprouts look like some sort of crazy food wig.

The light in the evening at Independents' Day seems to always be spectacular. Something about the way it bounces around the buildings on Gay Street. The Compressions went on at dusk, and that light made drummer Lauren Mattei glow.

Musician Jacoti Sommes organized a sweet boombox parade in September. It was Jacoti's idea to shoot at the Union Station arch. He's a fun guy who has an infectious love for music. And he let me ride his bike.

This shot of rapper L.e for the Uncool at the Arena Grand Theatre has a mix of cool and warm tones, which is something I'm always drawn to.