Things Heather Gross loves

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Columbus Alive

Heather is Alive's assistant editor. She does not love snow.


That's where I chose to spend my Christmas, sipping Delirium Noel and munching on a selection of delish cheeses from around the world.

Movies about food

Documentaries, whimsical tales about chocolate starring Johnny Depp - if a film revolves around food, I've probably seen it.

Pat Head Summitt

Even when Tennessee fails miserably at football, there'll always be great women's basketball to keep school spirit high. Summitt, the all-time winningest NCAA basketball coach, has led the Lady Vols to eight national championships and more than 1,000 wins.

Bands that get compared to MGMT

Passion Pit, The Knife, French Horn Rebellion, Klaxons, Neon Indian, etc. The bands that people say are "like MGMT" - even if they sound nothing like the synth-pop kings - tend to create irresistibly catchy, captivating songs.

" Fringe "

There's an alternate universe where the White House, not the World Trade Center, was attacked and destroyed on 9/11. There are random appearances by mysterious, omniscient bald men, and there's a loveable scientist who keeps a pet cow in his laboratory. It's my new favorite show. RIP, "Lost."