Closet Cleaning Craze

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I don't do resolutions. I do, however, do closets. So for my Vitamin Me column in this month's Columbus Parent, I combined my life's lessons with expert tips to offer the ultimate closet-editing guide. Here's a condensed version for your closet-cleaning pleasure. -Kristy Eckert First, my golden rules. Pull out one item at a time and ask yourself these three questions. If the answer is not yes to all three, give it away.

  • Does it fit today?
  • Does it make me feel fabulous?
  • Would I purchase it today?

And next, Ten Tips to Try from local fashionistas: 1. Make it fun. Invite a friend over, take everything out, paint the closet, donate the unflattering and enjoy the process together. --Jill Richey, owner of le Flair Boutique 2. Employ the one-year rule: If you haven't worn it in a year, donate it. --Christina Getachew, owner of Substance for Fashion Conscious People 3. Purge anything with pills, holes or faded color. --Allison Jayjack, owner of Ladybird 4. Never get rid of anything that is flattering to your body and age appropriate. --Connie Leal Ballenger, owner of Leal 5. It's OK to keep items with sentimental value even if you won't wear them again. Just store them in your basement or attic. --Jin Fillinger, owner of jinny 6. Use your space wisely. Store seasonal items in garment bags beneath your bed to clear space. --Maren Roth, owner of Rowe 7. Assign items real estate. Everything gets its own space--sweaters, denim, casual tops, professional blouses and so on. It makes dressing more efficient. --Fillinger 8. Color coordinate to simplify navigation. --Jayjack 9. Always hang up and put away your clothing at the end of the day to keep things neat. --Roth 10. Once your closet is clean, protect the space. Beware of impulse buys, and make thoughtful purchases that will serve you well. --Fillinger Happy cleaning!