Mario Game Review

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Columbus Parent

Our Games Review Guru, Shawn Sines, gives us the low-down on the Mario Sports Mix game!

Mario Sports Mix ($50, Rated E for Everyone, Wii)

Mario and the cast of the Super Mario Bros. Universe are no strangers to sports games and Mario Sports Mix is the latest Wii title to feature these colorful characters. Mario Sports Mix allows up to four friends an opportunity to compete in four sports-related games: hockey, volleyball, basketball and dodgeball.

Unlike the more traditional Wii Sports titles, Mario Sports Mix adds a whimsical twist to each of these sport activities by allowing players to earn mushroom power ups and other tricks to tweak the gameplay.

Players can earn green turtle shells to smack down opponents mid-game or banana peels to cause slip ups. This fun formula is another great way to get the family off the couch, playing together in a friendly, if comical, competition.