Club Penguin Wii

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Kids familiar with the Club Penguin website will have a blast experiencing the virtual world on their Nintendo Wii. Club Penguin: Game Day, the first Club Penguin Wii game, looks similar to the online version.

Kids once again have the opportunity to personalize and name their penguin.

The video game offers three different ways to play -- Story Mode, Quick Play and Tournament Mode.

In Story Mode, players work in teams to experience six different competition zones.

Quick Play is the place for players to play their favorite games like sack racing and bobsledding whenever they like.

Tournament Mode is similar to Quick Play except players must compete in a series of games.

The game also features a Gift Shop where players can by clothing and accessories for their penguins.

While some of the games are a little tricky skill-wise, they require less reading than some of the online adventures, which makes the game more accessible to younger kids.

The Wii version is nice because players can experience the entire game unlike the online version where members who do not pay to join do not have access to all the activities.

Another plus is that kids can load their penguin's information onto their Wii remote and take it to a friend's house to play Game Day there.