Wii Guilty Party

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Disney serves up fun for all ages with Guilty Party, a Wii game (for $36.99) that's likely to remind parents of the board game Clue.

Players assume roles as members of the Dickens Detective Agency and can work cooperatively or competitively to solve mysteries. You can't help but laugh at the quirky characters and their silly dialogue. (They're not above bribing people for information either.)

Solving the mysteries requires smarts and Wii remote savvy. Players must urge the suspects to talk by shining a light in their face or tickling them with a feather. The tasks can be difficult for younger kids — and some grown-ups — especially since the directions aren't always clear. If a player struggles too long with a task, he or she will be offered the chance to try an easier level.

Players gather information by locating clues and interviewing suspects in various locations.

Players also need to pay attention to the details as some clues of the well thought out mysteries require a bit of brain power to decipher. (The game will give hints if need be.)

Overall, it's a fun multi-generational game that promotes team work.