Car Accident Kit

Debbie Angelos

No one wants to think about a teen driver having a car accident but, as with most things, it's better to be prepared.

Consider giving your young driver an in-case-of-an-accident kit. The kits, which are available from the American Red Cross and some insurance companies, help drivers document the facts of minor accidents.

The kits usually include a disposable camera, pad of paper, a flashlight, a glowstick and a pen -although I might add a pencil as they do better in cold or rainy weather. If you don't want to purchase one it would easy enough to assemble on your own. If your teen has a decent camera on their phone he or she may not need a disposable camera.

It's also important that your child knows the relevant details of your insurance carrier and what information he or she should get from the other driver in an accident.

Teens might roll their eyes but consider a little role playing to help them practice what they should say and do in the event of a minor accident.