Maggie Smith-Beehler

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Husband: Jason Beehler, together almost 11 years

Daughter: Violet, 2

Neighborhood: Bexley

Job: I work one full-time job as an editor, another as a mom, and a third as a published poet (under my maiden name, Maggie Smith). Most of my writing is done on my lunch hour or after my daughter is asleep. The National Endowment for the Arts recently awarded me a $25,000 Creative Writing Fellowship, which will make it financially possible for me to set aside some uninterrupted time to write - and maybe even create a studio space in my home, away from the toys, crayons and Play-Doh!

What is the most played song on your iPod right now?

Probably "Peace Signs" by Sharon Van Etten

If you had to be on a reality-TV show, which one would it be?

I don't cook much, but I love to eat, so I wouldn't mind being a judge on "Top Chef."

Who is your favorite TV or movie mom?

As much as I enjoy Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford ("No more wire hangers!"), I'd have to say Frances O'Connor, who played the matriarch on "Six Feet Under": She stole the show.

Favorite thing to do for cheap family fun in Central Ohio:

Take Violet to the fountains at Capital University and let her run around in the water.

Favorite restaurant to take the whole family:

Northstar Cafe

Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon:

Playing outside with Violet and Jason, and then working on poems while she naps.

What was your favorite book growing up?

"The Boxcar Children," hands down.

Best advice you ever received as a parent:

My mom once told me to remember that every minute with your child is a gift, even the hard moments.

What have you learned as a parent that you wish someone had told you before had that first kid?

The first two months are really, really hard. But it gets better.

What's something your mom or dad did that you thought was nuts when you were a kid and now you understand?

Always needing to know my whereabouts. It wasn't the cool thing, but it was the right thing.

Maggie Smith is the author of "Lamp of the Body" (Red Hen Press, 2005), "Nesting Dolls" (Pudding House, 2005), and "The List of Dangers" (Kent State University Press, 2010). For more aboutMaggie's books and upcoming readings, visit her website at