Crew: What's up with the supporters clubs?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With two Champions League matches under their belts, the Crew is now focused on the rapidly approaching MLS season.

So are their fans. Here's a look at what the major supporters clubs have in store.

Hudson Street Hooligans

Last year the Hooligans opened their own bar at the corner of Summit Street and Oakland Avenue. Over the winter they expanded into the next storefront to double in size.

The additional space includes a ticket and merchandise area, a pool table (foosball forthcoming) and a stage. A fish and chips truck will be on site for matchdays.

The new digs will host a homebrew contest and local liquor tastings in the coming weeks, and the Hooligans are participating in Race for the Cure and a beer-drinking triathlon called the Viking Dash.

They're assembling teams for amateur indoor and outdoor soccer leagues, plus basketball and disc golf. Their weekly FIFA video game league is shifting to a monthly tournament format.

La Turbina Amarilla

La Turbina's members are split about whether to remain in the Nordecke for home games or sit in another section.

Crew management would prefer to see the Spanish-speaking rowdies remain with the other supporters clubs, but some members of Turbina want to switch to Section 206, a midfield section on the east side upper deck.

Turbina wants to fly more flags and banners without catching flack from other fans. They desire a better view of the field and hope to be visible from I-71. The pro-moving contingent also thinks they'll have better luck starting Spanish-language chants in the upper deck.

Away watch parties remain at Sangria East. Turbina also holds music practices there; bringing an instrument to practice earns a free ticket on matchday.

Crew Union

This season Crew Union will watch away games near Crew Stadium at 4th Street Bar & Grill. That's where they'll host a meeting at 1 p.m. Saturday to fill members and prospective members in on more offseason developments.

One of those is the Nordecke Cup, a tournament for fans on the Crew Stadium pitch. Buying season tickets through Crew Union guarantees entry in the tournament.

Yellow Nation Army

The yellow bodysuit-wearing superfans General Juicer and Major Awesomeness are recruiting members for a new Nordecke supporters group. Yellow Nation Army isn't yet officially sanctioned by the front office, but other clubs endorsed them. More on these guys soon.