Q&A: Anita Kwan of thisiscolumbus.com

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Add Anita Kwan to the growing list of people crazy about Columbus. She and friend Courtney Banks are hyping everything from Italian restaurants to charity events on thisiscolumbus.com, a video-review site that has captured the city's diverse lifestyle offerings and youthful spirit.

"The goal is to showcase what Columbus has to offer and to retain young professionals," Kwan explained. "I have so much love for Columbus."

First thing featured on thisiscolumbus.com: It was either Bodega or Jack & Benny's. It's kind of funny watching those videos again. We only had a flip camera, so the quality's really bad. And we were still very shy in front of the camera.

Last great Columbus discovery: Cbusr events. It's always really exciting to meet people that you follow on Twitter.

First time in Columbus : To visit my sister, because she went to Ohio State. One of my first memories of visiting is during sibs weekend. We went around to the carnivals and just hung out, took silly pictures.

Last place you traveled: Miami, Florida. My business partner Courtney won tickets over the radio. We saw Enrique Iglesias and actually got to have a little meet-and-greet with him.

First CD you ever bought: Aqua. The "Barbie Girl" song.

Last song you listened to: "Vagabond" by Wolfmother

First video you ever made : It was in high school, and me and a group of friends were making a parody of "Charlie's Angels." We had a montage of us doing Madonna songs - then a sword-fighting scene, random dancing at the end and us riding on top of the car while it was going in circles in our school parking lot.

Last adventure you went on : We were interviewing Glenn from 10TV, and we actually got to hang out with him while he was doing a story. We got some B-roll of him doing his thing, and then we actually went to the station. We just feel like kids in a candy store whenever we're in places we thought we'd never be.

First job you ever had: My dad owns a Chinese restaurant in Middleburg Heights, and I probably started as young as when I was nine years old just seating people. I would actually get tips because people thought I was cute.

Last thing you learned : Anything negative or positive in my life that happens, I always take it as a learning experience. I learn from it and turn it into something better.

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Name: Anita Kwan

Age: 22

Neighborhood: Worthington

Hometown: Middleburg Heights