Effective Exfoliant

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

A friend who is addicted to MD Skincare Antioxidant Enzyme Buff gave me a sample to try. As soon as I rubbed it on, I was equally enamored. It's a chunky, pretty harsh exfoliator that has worked wonders on my dry winter hands. Pros: This is a rough, effective exfoliant. It immediately softens and smoothes my skin. Plus, it smells delicious.

Cons: You can find this product only online. ($29 at you must use it with caution - especially if you have cracked skin. (I had a tiny crack in my skin one day, and trying to smooth it with a salt-based scrub clearly wasn't the best idea I've ever had.)

Bottom line: It's pricier than grocery-store scrubs, yes, but half the price of bigger-name scrubs. And it's better than all of the above. Excellent stuff! --Kristy Eckert