Pets: More Peculiar Pets

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Some pets are good for eating. Others might be inedible but cuddly. Animal companions offer a range of benefits and liabilities. For those looking to go beyond the world of dogs and cats, here are some other options.


Pros: Requires little space, almost completely silent

Cons: Potentially scary to guests, can bite

In short: Snakes come in different sizes, and their growth is proportionate to how much you feed them. Smaller species such as the ball python are docile and don't mind being handled, which can make them a good first choice.

Consider this: You'll need to feed your snake other animals.

Tip: Snakes that are bred in captivity are generally healthier and more comfortable around people.

Where to purchase:

Captive Born Reptiles

1259 Morse Rd., North Side



Pros: Beautiful, can learn English

Cons: Often demands attention, can dominate conversations

In short: Nothing beats the looks of a stately African Grey parrot or ring-necked parakeet. Different birds come with unique temperaments and needs, so it's easy to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Consider this: Macaws can live up to 100 years, forcing some owners to bequeath them in their wills.

Tip: Bigger birds often require more maintenance, attention and expertise, so try starting with a smaller species.

Where to purchase:


5781 Chantry Dr., East Side



Pros: Requires minimum maintenance, looks prehistoric

Cons: Lacks personality, exhibits extreme lethargy

In short: The poster child for consistency and determination makes an easy first pet that won't bite, talk back or run away. Painted and box turtles are good species to start with.

Consider this: Some species hibernate during winter, giving owners a break from regular care.

Tip: Choose terrestrial or aquatic turtles depending on the type of habitat you want to maintain.

Where to purchase:

Jack's Aquarium and Pets

147 Graceland Blvd., Graceland